Cuba discussion at Yonati

As nonprofits and world heritage programs go about preserving the architecture of multiple eras across the globe, the absence of any capitalization in Cuba has seemingly frozen a country in time, leaving us a veritable global attic of design.   The mildly obscure discussion declared to designers that Indian, Moroccan, Spanish, Roman, African, and Greek design can indeed cohabitate in layers.

Kathryn Ireland discussed her approach to recent color inspiration (and sustainability) stemming from clothes line-drying in the wind. Tom Kligerman included photos of a stocked pharmacy preserved in time and dispensing techniques, as well as a gasp inducing photo of a Lalique wall-finished dining room/courtyard. Michael Conners took a “non professorial” approach to presenting  his collaborative photography. Persian-humanitarian poultry imports, a (humbling) African influence both in slave-trade and spice-trade to once sustain the country led to a spirited dialog that surely made the discussion feel all the more Cuban.




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